Crannog Garden Room
Crannog Garden Rooms Ireland - Super insulated
Crannog Garden Rooms Ireland - Options to suit all budgets
Transforming garden spaces into amazing places

Crannog Garden Rooms

transforming garden spaces
into amazing places

Crannog Garden Rooms

Super Insulated
for Year Round Use

Crannog Garden Rooms

Options to Suit
All Budgets
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Galetech Garden Living

Crannog Garden Rooms are the latest addition to the wider Galetech Sustainable living group. For many, purchasing a garden room is their first experience of dealing with the sustainable living concept, and the team at Crannog are committed to making this transition into creating homes and spaces of the future an easy one for clients.

Building on Galetech Sustainable Living Groups core values of delivering quality, innovation withing the sustainable space the Crannog Garden Rooms range has been created.

Architecturally beautiful and finished in natural materials, a Crannog Garden Room is a handcrafted space that provides a stunning addition to your home or garden. 

The uses for Crannogs’ are endless and each can transform your garden space into anything from a remote working office, a home gym, a children’s playroom, a music or art room or simply a place to relax.  

We offer nationwide delivery and a design to delivery time frame of 6 to 8 weeks.

Our Range

The Laragh is our range of compact garden rooms perfect for use as a home office, study or simply as a quiet space to get away from it all.

The Cuilcagh is our range of popular mid sized garden rooms. Ideal for a range multi purpose uses, you can combine your office with recreational use for the family. 

The Annalee Pod Garden Room range is different than the other product lines within the Crannog Garden Room portfolio because it is the only product line that is constructed using a unique ‘cam lock system’.

Embodying the spirit of transforming spaces in to amazing place, let your imagination take you to where want to go. The Sheelin is our bespoke garden room which brings outdoor living to a new level. 

Why you should choose a Crannog Garden Room

Flexible home working spaces

Working from home and hybrid working offers an improved quality of life and a more balanced lifestyle, but for many the distractions of home and the boundaryless feeling of home working can block the health benefits of these new working models.

By adding a Crannog Garden room the ‘remote garden location’ of the space means it still allows for the home-worker to have the feeling of being able to close the door on their working week, all without the drama and inconvenience of the dreaded long commute.

Also the multi-functional and flexible potential of the Garden Room means that it can be used in an unlimited variety of ways during out of office hours.

Unlocking the financial potential of your home

A garden room creates that year round extra space without the disruption and expense of house extension work while adding value to your property.

It is a blank canvas to create that space that meets your family’s lifestyle needs and our innovative approach offers a solution that will meet your expectations within your budget.

Why Crannog Garden Rooms are unique


We constantly seek to innovate our product range and offer solutions such as:

  • Roof mounted solar, standalone power (solar+battery)
  • Internet connectivity solutions
  • In built portability
  • Integrated water harvesting


Our core product used for all garden rooms is a highly insulated, air tight structure which delivers near passive levels of energy conservation ensuring that you stay warm and cosy all year round. 

  • 10 year structural warranty backed by manufacturer material warranties 
  • Structurally insulated panels (SIPs) with 125mm of high performance PUR insulation is used on full envelope 


We source materials where possible from renewable sources and build one of the most highly insulated garden buildings available in Ireland.

  • Only use sustainably sourced timber with FSC certification
  • Reduce our construction carbon footprint by making small tweaks like avoiding use of concrete foundations

Competitive Pricing

We offer a range of three different models from the competitively priced Laragh to the bespoke Cranaghan. 

We have teamed up with credit unions in Cavan area to provide competitive finance.

We offer a supply only option on our smaller Laragh  model.

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Our Approach

Our Team will discuss your requirements and identify the best potential options and get some specifics on your garden access and layout. 
We recommend a free of charge visit to your home to offer advice on design options, costs and options to suit your budget.
Once we've completed the site survey and fully understood your needs, we can then send you a detailed quotation.
The average build time is 5-7 working days depending on any additional services your required. Lead times are typically 6 weeks. 

Ready to join the Garden Living revolution?

To make your Garden and Sustainable Living dreams a reality just contact our dedicated Crannog Garden Room team.
They are there to assist you whether you want to ask about our products, arrange a visit to our showroom or schedule a site visit.