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The Annalee

The Annalee Pod Garden Room range is different from the other product lines within the Crannog Garden Room portfolio because it is the only product line that is constructed using a unique ‘cam lock system’.

Using weather-resistant steel, the engineered highly insulated panels with the integrated ‘cam locking’ technology, are used to create the spaces floor, wall and roof panels. The rapid fit room can be customised to include exterior wood panelling or even sustainable extras and the created spaces are unique because they can be moved and demounted should the need for the room change. An Annalee Pod is the perfect space for a growing and evolving family or a person whose life changes with the seasons.

The Annalee Range

Annalee 8

2.2m x 3.4m (7.5m2)

Annalee 12 

2.8m x 4.6m (12.9m)

Annalee 16  

3.4m x 4.6m (15.6m2)

Annalee 20

3.4m x 5.8m (19.7m2)

Annalee 25 

4.0m x 6.4m (25.6m)


The River Annalee is a river in County Cavan that flows through a series of lakes before its confluence with the River Erne.

Like the Annalee river that meanders its way through the landscape, the Annalee Garden Room range with its fully customisable design offers clients a space that like the river can be rapidly formed and moveable and breaks the boundaries of traditional design.

Price Includes

Optional Extras

Simple, Flat Pack Build Process

Wow, just look at them go! 

The Annalee Pod construction system is designed to be rapidly fit together on-site without the need for any cranes, forklifts or machinery.

Clients whose garden space is overlooked or does not have crane access, for the first time can also have the garden room of their dreams thanks to this patented modular solution.

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