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Since Covid changed our lives forever the number of people working from home in Ireland has increased dramatically. In March 2020 the Irish Times estimated the Irish workforce consisted of approximately 2.28 million employees. An estimated 10% of them worked from home, and the pandemic crisis that gripped the globe ensured that at least 100,000 more people temporarily joined this number.

What this figures didn’t  reflect was how many people worked from home one or two days a week. Organisations are beginning to see the benefits of allowing staff to perform their duties from the comfort of a home office but sometimes finding the right space to work from is a challenge.

Research from online training platform, TalentLMS  (WOULD WE BE ALLOWED TO LINK TO HERE)showed that only 31% of remote employees have a home office. This means:

  • 27% work from their living room
  • 16% from their bedroom
  • 13% from their dining room
  • 10% from their kitchen
  • 3% from their garden

A garden room addition to your home would bridge the gap that working from home and working at the office creates and would maximise the full potential of the hybrid working model. The Hybrid solution for many has become the most productive  work solution.

Some of the advantages of working from home in a dedicated home office space

  • You can achieve new levels of work flexibility and agility – Sitting in your garden room you are no longer tied to the office and office schedule.  We are all part of a global economy and when given the option to work from home with the removal of the dreaded long commute you have the opportunity to meet business needs that before might have seemed impossible. For example if you are trading with customers in a different time zone you can do some all from the comfort and convenience of your garden.
  • Your productivity will increase – Many say that working from home can be a challenge especially if you have to do so in an home hub such as the kitchen or living room. If you invest in a dedicated work space like a Garden Room due to fewer interruptions, which would normally occur in an office environment your productivity would increase. Working from home allows for a quieter environment that can facilitate more focused work.
  • You will feel more motivated – All who take steps to work from home experience new levels of motivation and happiness in the work place. You will work around your life’s passions instead of the other way around and you will be able to live more harmoniously in your home.
  • Your health and wellbeing levels will improve – Working from your Garden Room in your dedicated work space working eliminates the need for a commute to work which can obviously be very stressful. Working from home will enable you to catch up on your sleep time, spend more time with friends and family and form better exercise and healthier cooking routines.
  • The financial benefits are there- Having your own dedicated home working space in your garden that is super-efficient and sustainable will mean huge savings on commute costs, office rental and supplies costs, utility bills and dining out costs. Also in Ireland you can claim Remote Working Tax relief . In order to do this you will need to complete an INCOME TAX FORM
  • You will achieve a better work/life balance – working from home will offer you a better work-life balance. If you have to build a commute into your day this time will now be able to be used in for more self-beneficial reasons. Imagine being able to fit household chores around your working day, freeing up more free time in the evenings to enjoy your life’s passions.
  • Our Garden Rooms supercharge technology – the internet has made it possible for employees to be continually connected to the office. Tools such as Skype have made communication between colleagues and teams much easier. All of our garden rooms can be fitted with highspeed broadband making them as connected as if you are sitting in the office.
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