Home Office that doubles as a Garden Entertainment Space

Tadhg, Listowel, Co. Kerry

“From the very first day I contacted GSL I had a strong inkling that I was onto a winner! My wife and I had already been working from our home for a long time due to the Covid restrictions and we needed to win back the bedrooms and get rid of the makeshift offices!!!! I looked into the garden office solution and, whereas there are a number of companies offering solutions, none suited or needs.

They either didn’t offer the quality product we were looking for or didn’t serve the Kerry area. The turnaround times were also becoming very long due to the recent Covid led levels of interest. Crannog then appeared on my radar and I researched GSL online.

I noted GSL were a subsidiary of a very reputable renewable energy company which I was aware of and this was immediately a great comfort for me as I knew quality and professionalism was guaranteed. I then contacted Gerry McDonagh the GSL Business Development Manager and realised this is a person and this Is company that were going to be fair to deal with. Within days I visited the showroom and confirmed that the product being offered was of excellent quality.

Within a few days, I placed an order for a ‘Laragh contemporary unit’ and the unit was delivered practically completed within 8 weeks of order! The unit was delivered 98% complete, craned into position [over a wall and into the back of my house] and completed on-site. The unit was built in a controlled factory setting which drives a higher level of quality control and minimal site work. Despite knowing that I was more than surprised at the small amount of site work to be done by the installation team [who were also great to deal with].

In summary, GSL are a very professional company with years of experience in many areas of the construction industry. I found them very flexible, very accommodating and they provided me with a high-quality product at a competitive price.

I would strongly recommend GSL be considered by anyone looking for a quality garden/office or modular space for all the reasons mentioned above.”

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