Dos and Don’ts when working remotely

Don't expect immediate answers for colleagues.

When you are working in an office its very easy to approach a colleague with a question and if they are not at their desk, you must understand that they might be busy at something else, you don’t have that luxury in a remote environment. Even if your colleagues are active on your work platform, do not expect answers immediately, they might be doing other things at the moment and when they’re ready, they will get back to you

Put your phone in another room

Leave your phone in another room. Make sure they’re no distractions around your working space. Check up on your social media on your lunch breaks.

Try to purchase a second screen.

Having a second screen for your home office makes it fair easier to navigate between apps. It leaves your desktop decluttered and saves you time during your busy workday.

Keep your workplace tidy.

Try your utmost hardest to keep your area tidy, not only will this look professional it will also increase motivation and productivity and it will also give you that feel good sensation. The key to working remotely is being organised!

Eat meals away from your desk

Make sure to include 10-minute breaks and to eat your lunch away from your desk. Don’t work through your meals, stand up, walk around and enjoy your food. You deserve a break!

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