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Garden Rooms 25 square metres (270 Sq ft) or under qualify for an exemption from planning permission once an area of 25 square metres remains in your garden and the Crannog Garden Room is used for lifestyle rather than residential purposes.

Yes, for total peace of mind all our garden rooms are covered by a 10 year structural guarantee*. This covers design and manufacturing faults, material failure, corrosion and rot for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. In addition to our building guarantee we will pass on all manufacturers’ guarantees for items including: doors and windows, electrical components and any optional extras.

* Subject to our terms and conditions

We ask that the site is clear of existing structures, trees and shrubs. Tree stubs need to be cut down to ground level but it’s not necessary to remove tree roots underneath the ground. Grass is fine and we can build over existing patio slabs if you don’t want to remove them.

We use ground screws rather than concrete as the base for the garden room. This allows us work on ground that is not completely level, provides a space under the garden  room for ventilation and reduces the environmental impact by not using concrete. 

No. Currently planning laws do not allow Garden Rooms to be used for residential purposes. Please refer to our Planning Permission for all of the detail on the current planning laws.

Our Garden Rooms come as standard  with a number of electric sockets and switches. This is installed at the time of construction by our professional electricians. Unfortunately, we do not offer a service to install the power from your house to the garden building. This is something that you will need to arrange directly with a qualified electrician. However, it is not essential that this is completed prior to installation of the building. If a power supply from your house is not viable there is option to install a standalone solar battery solution.

Yes, for an add-on fee option, we can fit solar panels to your Garden Room to power the room and supply excess power back to your house. In the case that power supply is not available from your house, it is possible to fit a solar battery solution  to provide standalone power.

Yes, we provide a range of customisation options which we are happy to discuss.

The internal height is 2.4m or just under 8 feet. Which is the standard height of most rooms.

From order it typically takes 6 weeks for us to arrive on site and less than a week to install.

There are a number of financing options which we happy to discuss with you. 

Every Crannog Garden Room is bespoke and created and crafted especially for their new owner. Therefore, every Crannog Garden Room is unique. Images used in this website and in our brochures are for illustration purposes only. The pictures shown do not represent the actual Crannog you will receive and the description of the product on display cannot be relied upon. For every Crannog we work with the owner to ensure that their wishes are not only met but exceeded and we pride ourselves on creating the finest quality and most client focused Garden Rooms on the market.

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