Self Assembled Garden Rooms

Crannog Garden Rooms are proud manufacturers of our new range of Premium Self Assembled Garden Rooms supplied flat packed.

Depending on the size of the building and the size of your team the average building should take approx 3 -5 days to erect and weatherproof. The adaptability and speed of construction, the styling flexibility and high performance, combined with cost savings, means no other form of construction comes close.

All components required to erect the building will be supplied in one delivery direct to site,
removing all the hassle at your end.

Crannog Garden Rooms Ireland - Laragh

Home Office

Our smaller garden rooms can be self assembled by a competent DIY enthusiast and a couple of helpers. 

A smaller garden room can be assembled as a weekend DIY project making it a perfect opportunity to call in favours from both friends and family. Our garden rooms come with instructions and all the material you will require.

What's Included


  • SIP buildings are  very energy efficient, structurally strong, provide very good sound insulation and are easy to build with.   
  • SIP buildings are capable of withstanding extreme climate and weather conditions.

Roof Material

  • EPDM synthetic rubber membrane
  • Life expectancy of over 50 years
  • Superior durability
  • Easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly

Treated Timber & Breathable Membrane

  • Support timbers for floor, roof
  • Outer breathable membrane

Fitting Instructions

  • Detailed step by step installation instructions


Foundation Groundscrews

  • Save the cost and work associated with a concrete base and let our team install ground screws where suitable 
  • Dependent ground conditions and size of pod

Glazing supply and install

  • We can supply and install windows and doors via our glazing partner

Exterior Cladding

  • We offer larch and cement board cladding options for exterior walls.  

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