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Crannog Garden Rooms Heritage

Crannog Garden Room group is part of Galetech Sustainable Living Ltd which is a subsidiary of the wider Galetech Group. The Galetech Group has been operating in the renewable energy space for over 20 years’ and employs over 120 people.

Through pioneering work in development, construction and operations the group has established a reputation in the market that is associated with quality, innovation and exceeding customer satisfaction. Every Crannog Garden Room purchased comes with over two decades of knowledge and know-how built into its foundations.

Why Crannog?

Galetech Group Directors Darren Sherry and Donogh O Brien are established leaders in the wind farm development, construction and operation industry.

The success they have achieved is attributed to their guiding principles of always thinking outside the box, innovating and converting plans into tangible projects that advance the use of cost effective renewable resources to help build a sustainable and more affordable future.

Crannog Garden Rooms is a natural extension along this path and looks to deliver the future of energy efficient, low carbon recreational and work spaces for our clients.

Our Guiding Principles

We support local business

To bring value to our clients and to reduce our carbon footprint we work where possible with local suppliers.

We love what we do

Our team have worked together for a long time and enjoy the challenge of every Crannog Garden Room installation.

A policy of trust and honesty

Galetech Group and by association Crannog Garden Rooms operate with full transparency and an unrelenting customer focus.

Now Trading As

GSL Modular